About us

Welcome to the website of STS Munich – Students & Alumni Network. We are a network for Science & Technology Studies (STS) scholars, to promote the public dialogue on the role of science, technology and innovation in society. We are a registered association (“eingetragener Verein”, short: e.V.) based in Munich, founded by students and alumni of the TUM School of Social Sciences & Technology in October 2021.

What we’ve achieved already

The first idea to create a network for students and alumni from the Department of Science, Technology and Society at TU Munich was born in March 2020. One and half years, a virtual Christmas Party and the first Homecoming later, we’ve founded our association in October 2021.

Our Timeline

Our Management Board

In our founding assembly in October 2021 we elected three of our founding members to the Management Board of STS Munich – Students & Alumni Network e.V. (i.Gr.). The Management Board is responsible for leading the association for the duration of their term (usually one year). Currently, Dominik Wedber, Amelie Anders and Matthias Meller (from left to right) serve on the Management Board.

Our Management Board

What is an registered association?

A registered association (“eingetragener Verein”, or abbreviated: e.V.) is a defined term in German civil code. Deutsche Welle has a nice explainer on its general concept. Basically, it allows initiatives, clubs or any kind of groups to “get organized” formally for and around a specific purpose. This includes the recognition by the German state as legal entity (somewhat comparable to the status of a company) that comes with several legal and administrative benefits. If coupled with a recognition as charitable organisation (“gemeinnĂĽtzige Organisation”), a registered association may accept donations tax-free and generally largely enjoys tax exemptions in its activities.

The most important body in a registered association is the General Assembly, composed of the members of the association. It votes and decides on the rules which govern the association (Statutes of Association). Also, it elects the Management Board that has the executive responsibility to lead the association for the duration of their term (usually one year). See the infographic below how the different bodies and pieces of an association work together.

Infographic Association