Semester Closing Winter Term 2020/21

Hi everyone,

To celebrate the end of this winter semester and the submission of all your papers, the MCTS Alumni Network initiative is happy to invite you to a virtual WG Party on Tuesday, March 16 starting at 8:00 pm!

We want to revive the German student spirit of mingling at a friend’s apartment (= “WG Party”) – but with a virtual twist. Again, our online meeting space will be, and we will send the final link to the room by Monday, March 15. It’s supposed to be a relaxed gathering with drinks, chatters, and fun activities! If you want to help organize a virtual room (games, beer pong, …), feel free to respond to this email.

Stay tuned for more information until then. Have a look here at our website to find out more about our initiative, or simply send us an email.

Best wishes and stay healthy!