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You want to know more about student life at the STS Department? Great, then you have come to the right place! Student Voices is a place where students’ creative outbursts such as essays, blog articles, or even podcasts are gathered and shared with the rest world. You can also learn more about our various student working groups such as CREATE and, well, Student Voices. We also keep you posted about all the big events and happenings organized by our students such as the Student Spring Gathering and the Science School. So, dive in and find out what student life at the STS Department is all about.

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Podcasts today are omnipresent. For many, they have become the preferred, on-demand radio for a morning or afternoon commute. They are everywhere and for good reasons – listening to ideas in the form of interviews and stories can be an effective way to learn and understand a new topic.

For the first time at the STS Department, Professor Ruth Mueller’s seminar “Telling Responsible Stories – Telling Stories Responsibly” drove students to understand the ins and outs of storytelling practices from an STS perspective. By studying storytelling practices, students dove deeper into understanding how sustainable and responsible solutions are presented and constructed in contemporary society. The study of these grand narratives, inspired by work from STS scholars such as Donna Haraway, challenges how stories of solutions can be political, economic, or technological in nature. In the seminar, students were encouraged to rethink practices of storytelling and to tell the “story otherwise” in the narrative genre of podcasts. As the final project for the seminar, students produced their own podcasts, which are available to you here at Student Voices – tune in.

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Drops of Hope: Making Water in Puebla

What is good innovation? What kind of innovation is it when it comes from outside the Silicon Valley elite? To find innovation outside the walls of Northern California, we changed how we define innovation, who makes it, and where to look for it. That’s how we ended up in Puebla, Mexico. Read more…